5 Signs that tell you you’re in dire need of a nutritionist

You hit the gym every morning. You also get your skin and head checked by the dermatologist at least once a year. You may also make out time for your monthly appointments to the chiropractor. But there are high chances that you’re forgetting about one important appointment – to the nutritionist. When did you last see a nutritionist? Or did you ever meet one?

The role that a dietician or a nutritionist plays on your digestive system is similar to what an ophthalmologist does to your eyes. A nutritionist keeps your body running properly while ensuring you get all the vital nutrients through a diet plan that works best for your body type.

If you’re still confused about when to seek help from a nutritionist or how to know that you need help, here are a few signs that will tell you you’re in dire need of a nutritionist.

Sign #1: You think you have an allergy to some food item

Before you start chucking off foods from your diet due to your assumptions, it is best to consult a registered nutritionist. The ones with national certification are those that are professionals and who have experience in handling such issues. It is a nutritionist who can help you identify whether the symptoms you face are due to intolerance to something or allergy or something totally different.

Sign #2: You have irregular bowel movements

This is something you should pay attention to, dear friends! Doctors are of the opinion that your bowel should pass once to twice in a day. Are you someone who skips going to the bathroom on most days? If yes, you need to consult a nutritionist to bring about few changes to your diet. Your nutritionist will tell you about getting rid of constipation-induced foods to bring back the balance.

Sign #3: Your stomach hurts whenever you have dairy products

Do you bloat immediately after having dairy products? Do you suffer from gas or diarrhoea as well? If yes, you may be lactose intolerant but you don’t know it. Lactose intolerance is something that is dependent on dose – if you have a few tablespoons of ice-cream, you may be fine but having an entire cup can put your health on a toss. A nutritionist makes sure you’re diagnosed properly and that you eat only what your body can tolerate.

Sign #4: You’ve tried all diets but no results show up

Do you never see results even after trying out several forms of diet? Or do you gain back your extra kilos soon after losing them? Regardless of the obstacle that you’re facing, a nutritionist can always help. A nutritionist recommends you to alter your lifestyle instead of following some fad diet plan. A registered dietician will assist you in learning healthy habits and behaviours rather than the harmful ones. You may also check out organic shop online to know more on what nutritionists can do.

Sign #5: You have been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol

High levels of bad cholesterol will eventually lead to heart problems. However, with proper guidance from registered nutritionist, you will know which foods to choose and which to avoid so that you can lower your bad cholesterol levels. This way you can reduce the likelihood of being exposed to heart diseases that may lead to heart attack.

So, if your health is on a toss and you’re not being able to diagnose the underlying problem, you should certainly consult a nutritionist. Your health is wealth and hence it is your duty to take good care of your health.

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