Freedom for Lactating Moms is Finally Here: Advantages of Wearable Breast Pumps

Motherhood is a fantastic journey but can be challenging, especially for new moms. Having a newborn as a career woman was difficult for many in the past, but this has changed with the introduction of breast pumps. These gadgets allow one to pump breast milk without necessarily breastfeeding your child. This means you can still continue with work without cutting the milk supply for your infant. As a result, your little one will keep thriving while you still keep thriving in business.

Generally, breast pumps allow lactating mothers to provide a supply even when they cannot nurse the little one. This includes times when you experience problems breastfeeding or the baby is in NICU. Nevertheless, pumping can sometimes be inconvenient. You will need a private room with accessible power, and this can sometimes be hard to find. However, the good news is that you do not have to go through the hassle with hands-free breast pumps. These pumps improve your pumping experience by solving most of the problems you encounter with traditional breast pumps.

Wearable Breast Pumps: What Are They?

Wearable breast pumps are pumping gadgets that fit perfectly inside your bra, allowing you to remain mobile. The hands-free wearable breast pumps do not involve complex tubing, and there is no heavy motor to lug around. Also, you do not have to be connected to power everything you pump. Wearable breast pumps will allow you to pump milk without anyone noticing.

How Do Wearable Breast Pumps Differ from the Traditional Ones?

First, wearable breast pumps have similar parts to those in traditional pumps. However, they are designed in a more portable and compact way, thus remaining convenient. The motor, collection cups, and flanges are all in one, therefore allowing the device to fit well in your bra.

What Are the Advantages of Wearable Breast Pumps?

They Offer More Discreet Pumping

Typically, pumping with a traditional pump requires its top to be pulled to the side or eliminated, thus making it inconvenient to pump in public. On the other hand, pumping with a wearable bra does not require one to find a private room to carry out the exercise. Even though they are big enough to be noticed, wearable pumps fit nicely inside the bra, so you can always pump in public. Also, the pumps do not have any cords, thus making them quieter and discreet.

Offer Mobility

Unlike traditional pumps, hands-free wearable pumps do not require users to remain seated or plugged into power each time they use them. Usually, pumping can take a long time, limiting you from engaging in other chores or tasks. Fortunately, wearable pumps allow mothers to pump on the move; nothing has to stop because you are pumping.


Wearable pumps are compact and thus easy to carry around. This is good news for working mothers as they can bring them to work and back home without complexity. Also, you can comfortably carry them when traveling and even pump them throughout your journey.

A hands-free wearable pump is an excellent investment for any lactating mother. You can check out Mumilk for the best high-quality and practical wearable pumps.

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