What To Expect When You Visit A Hearing Aid Specialist

The first time you visit a hearing aid specialist, you may experience many different emotions. It happens for two reasons: First, you’ve probably never worn one before and are unsure how it will feel. Second, your experiences in visiting other professionals have probably not been good ones in the past.

There is no reason to be nervous or apprehensive about this visit. You are in control of any decision you make, and it is vital to be confident about purchasing a hearing aid or instrument such as your glasses, car, or couch.

The following information will help prepare you for your first appointment

Expectations Of A Hearing Aid Consultation

Hearing tests can be performed quickly and efficiently while you wait. Even though a hearing test is completed, the consultation starts when the professionals in a hearing aid centre first meet you. The consultation should always include your spouse or significant other since they are involved with you throughout your journey to better hearing.

The Hearing Aid Consultation

The hearing aid consultation includes the following:

  1. A review of your medical history, current health issues or concerns and an explanation of any additional testing that may be needed. The consultation will also include information regarding “normal” for your ear(s).
  2. The hearing aid specialist should measure your hearing performance in noise and without amplification to provide you with a baseline of your current hearing ability. A thorough explanation will be given regarding the types of batteries, maintenance schedules, and care for your instruments. It is an essential part of the consultation.
  3. It provides you with an opportunity to see what is available and ask questions about which instrument would best suit your needs.
  4. Questions should be well-thought-out before your appointment so you can have a list to go through one by one. The questions should be geared towards what you expect to gain from hearing aids or instruments, how they will benefit your situation and lifestyle, what you hope to experience, whether there is any physical activity that your instrument must accommodate, etc.
  5. Hearing aid specialists should also provide information regarding the psychological aspects of a person’s reaction or adjustment to a hearing aid or instrument.
  6. Each provider has its script for the consultation script. Some may have more information than others, and some may have none at all. It is essential to go over the questions with your spouse, significant other or close friend so you can be sure nothing important is missed.
  7. There should also be a thorough explanation of the warranty and how to take advantage of all benefits offered by the manufacturer.

When you visit a hearing aid specialist, you should expect a thorough explanation of the test results and how these results affect your hearing performance. At the end of the consultation, take some time to think over what was discussed; you can ask questions that came to mind during this meeting.

In addition to questions asked during the consultation, others may come up after you get home since you have had time to think about your expectations.

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