What Is The Best Skin Care Line For You? Well, That Depends Upon Your Age

Ask any woman with beautiful skin what her secret is and she will probably tell you to drink a lot of water, get at least eight hours of sleep at night, stay out of the sun, and find the best skin care line available. While the first three are easy to manage as best you can without a lot of guidance that last one requires a little more research.

Taking care of your skin means being proactive and preventive. It also means understanding that the best skin care line at one stage of your life may not be the right one for the next.

Caring for Your Skin in Your Teens and Twenties

In your teens the best skin care line is the one that will help you keep your skin clean. Caring for your skin at this stage is simple.

A teenager needs to use sunblock, keep her skin clean and apply light moisturizer. Some teens may be struggling with acne or clogged skin; adding a product with salicylic acid to the routine will help keep breakouts under control.

In your twenties the best skin care line will be the same one you needed in your teen years. The main difference between skin care in your teens and twenties, is that at some point past their teens most women grow out of acne.

Continue using sunblock religiously and apply a light moisturizer at night before bed.

Caring for Your Skin in Your Thirties and Forties

Taking good care of your skin becomes more complex as we age. Skin loses its elasticity and no longer naturally exfoliates as it did in our youth. Wrinkles start to appear and deepen in between our eyebrows, around our mouth, in the forehead and in the corners of our eyes.

The best skin care line at this stage is one that is multipurpose; it will prevent premature aging and reverse damage. Skin at this stage needs exfoliation, non comedogenic moisturizer, retinols and vitamin C serum. Active ingredients are important because washing and moisturizing is no longer enough.

Seeing a dermatologist ONE time to determine the best skin care line for you is an excellent way to formulate a daily routine. Most of the time all it takes is a single visit which can give you valuable information on what your skin really needs and you’ll have a more concrete set of guidelines.

This information from just a single visit can be well worth the cost.

Caring for Your Skin in Your Forties and Onward

Some time in your forties, if you wish to maintain a youthful look, skin care needs to be taken to a different level. The products that older women use on their face are the basically same as what they used in their thirties unless something changes or a particular problems begins to develop.

Many women also begin having regular acid peels: TCA, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic are the most common. Be very careful with an acid type of peel, too little is better than too much, especially when you start to experiment with one.

You just want to remove the dead skin cells on top and, this is actually how they work, slightly damage the next layer right beneath the skin so it is forced to rejuvenate itself. The key thing to remember is ‘slightly damage’ as you do not want to cause what might be considered injury to the skin.

However, it is no longer just about the best skin care line and what you can do for yourself at home. Many women at this stage start seeing their dermatologists regularly for Botox and fillers.

If you were to examine the best skin care line that can be purchased at a drugstore, department store or dermatologist’s office, you will find that sunblock is part of every formulation of day cream.

Sunblock is the single most important product that should be used in your routine. It is the sun and not time that causes the most damage to your skin. Regardless of age and stage of life, applying sunblock is something everyone should be very conscious of.

Taking care of your skin does require some time and effort especially when you are looking to address a particular need and have to look around and take the time to experiment with different products to see how well they work for you. Once you have a good routine it should serve you well for several years.

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