What are your options to treat Premature Ejaculation in Singapore?

Men who have premature ejaculation experience orgasm before the sexual encounter or earlier than desired during the actual sexual activity. In premature ejaculation, the semen leaves the male body too soon. This can cause men to lose their erection, which can be slightly upsetting and unsatisfying for their sexual partners or to them both. With a ratio of 1:3, premature ejaculation is a frequent complaint in men. Many Singaporean men suffer from this issue, and choices for treatment of premature ejaculation in Singapore are undoubtedly a hot topic.  For treatment, visit .

To help understand the available treatment options let us first take note of what is causing the said condition. Premature ejaculation entails a complex interplay of biological and psychological factors. Recognized biological factors include irregularities in the levels of bodily hormones and/or brain chemicals, some inherited traits and prostate or urethral swelling and infection. On the other hand, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety over premature ejaculation itself, about one’s sexual abilities or other issues, guilt feelings that lead to rush sex, early sexual experience, poor body image, and relationship problems are some of the common psychological factors linked to premature ejaculation. Also, erectile dysfunction, a disease where men are unable to obtain and maintain an erection that is powerful enough for sexual activity, can lead to tension or worry that results in premature ejaculation.

Men naturally experience premature ejaculation, but if it happens right away (within 1-3 minutes) after penetration practically every time intercourse is performed, a man should think about getting checked for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Premature ejaculation can also have a negative impact on a man’s personal life including stress, relationship troubles, and fertility issues (difficulty in conceiving) which should prompt to seek help.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation will usually entail a physical examination and  a probe on your sex life and health history. Blood tests and checking of hormonal levels will also be considered if the male also has trouble keeping an erection along with premature ejaculation. Depending on the case, help may come from a urologist (specialist for male reproductive system) for physical causes or a  mental health professional for psychological factors.

Among the treatments offered are certain forms of medications, counseling sessions and special techniques that can delay ejaculation. One should expect that treatment may take time and may involve trial and error before a suitable (and effective) treatment is identified. And, of course, the patient’s cooperation is a factor for obtaining best results. Here the common treatment options for premature ejaculation in Singapore:

  1. Behavioral techniques-this option is focused on changing some behaviors related to sexual activity. Here are some the common behavioral techniques suggested by medical experts
  • Use of condom-the use of condom is said to reduce the sensitivity of the penis which can help delay ejaculation. There are various choices for condoms in the market today and some brands offer thicker condoms or condoms which contain a numbing effect that helps in reducing sensation and preventing premature ejaculation. Typically condoms do not require a prescription from a doctor.
  • Withdrawal- this is commonly used as a method of contraception where the man withdraws his penis before ejaculating. As treatment for premature ejaculation, the man should withdraw when an urge to ejaculate is felt and penetrate once it subsides to continue the sexual activity.
  • Other techniques such as masturbating at least an hour before sex or avoiding sex for a certain time period as well as performing other forms of sexual play to reduce anxiety during sexual intercourse may be suggested
  1. Medication-this option is said to be easier to administer and relatively faster in producing good results. Medication is also sometimes used with behavioral techniques to obtain better outcomes. Here are the common medications recommended to address premature ejaculation:
  • Use of topical creams-these are medications that have a numbing effect and can help reduce the sensitivity of the penies thereby delaying ejaculation. There are various brands of creams available in the market today but some may require prescription.It is crucial to remember that the level of numbness cannot be controlled. It’s probable that you and your partner won’t be able to enjoy any sexual activity. Additionally, they can be rather messy when applied.
  • Oral medication-there are some medicines used to address premature ejaculation. Some medical experts are administering medication for erectile dysfunction together with premature ejaculation medication to get better results. Medications may be prescribed to be taken daily or just when the need arises.
  1. Counseling-this option involves the expertise of a mental health provider and will involve an inquiry on a patient’s experiences in his personal life.   The mental health provider will require the patient to attend a series of counseling sessions to talk about his relationships and anxieties to provide ways to deal with stress related to premature ejaculation. The goal of counseling is to help men gain confidence and manage anxiety to be able to address premature ejaculation. Counseling can also be done for both partners (couples) if desired and can help address problems in the relationship that causes premature ejaculation related stress. Counseling can also be combined with taking medications.
  2. Alternative options-there are several new options being looked at to address premature ejaculation including meditation, yoga and acupuncture but their effectiveness still needs to be proven.

It is natural to feel a little ashamed when a discussion of sexual problems is required but seeking help from a medical expert is still best. Here are a few tips on how to be ready for an appointment and make most of your time the health provider:

  • Inquire if there are specific instructions you should follow (i.e Do’s and Don’ts) before the appointment
  • Make a note of the symptoms you are experiencing such as how frequently you ejaculate earlier than desired, how soon you ejaculate once intercourse commences, etc.
  • Be ready with your sexual history (sexual problems since you became active sexually, who were your partners and what is the circumstance during your previous premature ejaculation, etc.).
  • Prepare a list of your medical conditions (were you diagnosed with a mental condition, etc.) and any medication taken including frequency and dosage, etc.
  • Have a list of questions you would like to ask your health provider

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