What Are The Purpose Of Using  Lifting Straps?


Weight lifting exercises are heavy workouts. Lifters need some lifting workout accessories and tools to prevent injury or severe damage. Lifting straps are a type of weightlifting equipment most frequently used by weightlifters. These accessories and tools improve the performance of weightlifters, therefore lifting straps is in demand and one of the most needed accessories.

What are Lifting Straps?

Lifting straps are an accessory for weightlifters that they wear during intense workouts to boost their performance and protect their muscles from strain or injury. These straps prevent heavy lifts from slipping or falling and establish a balance.

They are like your gym partner that supports you and takes you forward in your career.

They are used to protect wrists while lifting the weight, specifically in pulling exercises, and the target areas are your back and arm muscle group.

Lifting straps are mostly flexible and made with nylon, leather or canvas that you need to wrap around your wrist and barbell.

It also allows athletes to wrap around the handle of their exercise implement so that they can lift more weight with less effort.

How to Use Lifting Straps?

Weightlifters or exercisers use lifting straps by firmly wrapping around their wrists yet not too tight or loose. It should allow you for wrist extension and flexion while performing and support enough to prevent injury or damage from slipping off or falling.

When weightlifters secure the straps properly around their wrists at one end – the specially made hook is attached to secure the writs wrap

Once we ensure that your straps secure nicely around your wrist and the handle of the lifting implement, you can start your lifting or pulling workouts without any concern.

What are the Advantages of Using Lifting Straps?

Using lifting straps is essential for weightlifting exercises. They give you more strength and balance to lift more comfortably and improve your performance. These straps help you to achieve your training goals while ensuring that your workout routine is not interrupted by any nagging wrist injury or similar problems.

Here are some benefits of using lifting straps:

  1. Prevent the Risk of Injury

The primary goal of wearing lifting straps is to protect against the risk of injury involved in the exercise. Most of the straps are made with sturdy material enough to ensure that your writs do not get over overextension or over-flexion that may occur in your various tendons, muscles or small bones.

  1. Improve the Training Performance

Lifting straps improve the performance of weightlifting or training workouts by supporting your wrist and body balance. With these strips, you will be more able to lift the weight without the risk of slipping off.

  1. Correct the Position of the Wrist and Hands

Lifting straps aid to correct the positioning of your wrist and hands. This is something that usually occurs during training programs or exercises.

The lifting straps may help with this specific problem by preventing the exerciser’s form from breaking down (at least as far as the wrists are concerned) and maintaining a more secure angle for the wrist’s tissue connections by forcing the wrist, forearms, and hand to remain within a certain range of motion throughout the exercise.

  1. Reduce Forearm Muscle Group Fatigue

Given that the forearm muscles are the ones that are used the most during the majority of workouts, it is not surprising that they are among the first to tyre during any given training session. And lifting a strap can eliminate a significant amount of strain on forearm muscles.


Lifting straps are key accessories for weightlifting and heavy exercises to improve performance and avoid injury.

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