Post-Pregnancy Pool Workouts To Get Back Into Shape

If you have a fibreglass pool at home, then that can be a great place to exercise in. For new mothers who are trying to get back into shape after giving birth, pool exercises are even more beneficial.

Water workouts tend to be safe, and can help women with swollen feet or aching backs. When you exercise in your fibreglass pools Perth, you’ll need to encounter natural water resistance with every exercise that you do. These exercises are low-impact, which is in direct contrast to land-based exercises like running, which are considered high-impact. Your body is still recovering from your pregnancy, so you’ll need to take that into account when building your fitness regimen.

But when you exercise in your pool, you can do a greater number of exercises, without worrying about how your body will react to it. When you exercise in your pool, you also have more freedom to move anywhere you like in the water, without worrying about hurting yourself.

What Do You Need To Exercise In Your Fibreglass Pool?

All you really need is your swimming costume, as well as a swimming cap. Having goggles can be useful as well. But there are other water-based exercising accessories that you can consider as well. Aquatic weights can help you build your strength while exercising in the water. You can also use pool noodles for various exercises.

Most of the exercises we will be discussing in this guide are free-hand exercises. So you don’t need to own any pool accessories to get started. But should you want to increase the range of exercises you can do in the water, consider purchasing pool accessories.

How To Get Back In Shape Post Pregnancy

After you’ve given birth, your body won’t change back to what it used to be overnight. For the last nine months, your body went through various changes to prepare itself to give birth. Now that your pregnancy period is over, you’ll still need to take it easy at the beginning.

With time, your body will start to change as you exercise. Once you’ve mastered these basic water-based exercises, you can move on to more intensive kinds of exercises, like aqua jogging. But before you begin any kind of exercise, you’ll need to warm up first.

Your warming-up routine should be around ten minutes long. It’s especially important you warm up first if you’re aiming to do cardio exercises in the water. For the first five minutes of your warming-up routine, practice stretching out outside the water. Stretch out your arms as well as your legs.

Then, enter the fibreglass pool. When the water is around your waist level, then stretch your arms and legs out in the water as well. Move around the full length of your pool, at least twice. This will allow you to free up your movement, and prepare your body for the exercises you’ll be doing next.

1. Water Squats

When you do squats in the water, you’ll be able to strengthen your legs as well as your hips. To do this exercise, you’ll first need to stand with your feet spread widely apart. Your torso and your knees should be aligned over the toes.

In this position, bend the knees while bringing your torso down, into the water. Go down as much as you can, while still feeling comfortable. Do ten squats, then take a fifteen-second break. Repeat this until you do fifty squats in the water.

2. Raising Knees

With this exercise, you’ll be targeting your arms and hips, as well as your core. You should first stand with your feet kept slightly further to the side than your hips. Then, bring your right knee towards your chest, while balancing your body using the other feet.

At the same time, you should also move your hand around in the water, swinging them such that you appear to be swimming in place. After swinging your hands ten times on each side, bring your leg back down. Then repeat the same exercise using the other leg. Do two reps on each leg at least.

3. Treading Water

With this exercise, you’ll be able to raise your heart rate. Your stamina can be improved as well. Start treading water from the deeper end of the pool. If you need support, you can use a pool noodle. If you have water weights, then hold one in each hand. Then raise your right hand up until you’re holding the weight above your head. Then bring that hand down and repeat the exercise using your left hand.

If you want to focus on upper body training, then don’t use the water weights. Simply tread the water. When treading water, one of your legs should be left limp. This means that you should only tread water using your hands and one leg. When you feel yourself getting tired, switch your legs and continue to tread water. If you want to exercise your arms as well, then move them in a clockwise direction first and then a counter-clockwise direction.

4. Reverse Crunch

You’ll be able to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles with this exercise. First, go to the deep end of your fibreglass pool. Then, wrap your pool noodle around the lower part of your back, and rest your arms on the pool noodle. Now, curl your knees into your body, so that you’re floating in the water. Your knees should be squeezed in towards your shoulders, and then you should extend your legs out. If you want to work on the oblique muscles of your abdomen, then move your knees from side to side, while doing this exercise.

Repeat the exercise for five minutes, and rest for thirty seconds. Then repeat the whole process two more times.

5. Extended Leg Lift

This exercise will help you to strengthen your hamstrings, your quads, as well as your core. Stand while keeping your feet further apart than your hips. Then, lift your right leg in the forward direction. Raise it as much as you can. Your other leg should be bent slightly, so it can support your body.

Remember to not point your toes in order to avoid foot cramps. If you think you need support in the water, you can use a pool noodle. Repeat this exercise for ten reps.


Water-based exercises can help you get back into shape after your pregnancy. Do the exercises mentioned in this article on a regular basis to get back into shape. From squats to crunches, these exercises can be perfect additions to your fitness regimen.

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