Pharmaceutical Technologies and just how They Help the Patient

Advancement in pharmaceutical technologies have brought to innovation of huge number and number of new medications and novel delivery systems. These have contributed towards growing the effectiveness from the drugs, reducing the frequency of negative effects and lesser complicated dosage regimen. These 4 elements increase patient compliance towards the medication hence leading to better outcome. Based on the Financial Occasions Management report, the world pharmaceutical market involved 78 billion $ $ $ $ in 2005, that is likely to achieve greater than 100 billion $ $ $ $ this year. The planet marketplace for drugs employing advanced pharmaceutical technologies is expanding quickly and it has surpassed by $7 billion in 2005 within the target.

Novel pharmaceutical technologies

Drug delivery technology is mechanism of delivering the drug to the body in order to achieve the prospective site. The traditional types of drug delivery are dental, injection and topical. However, the requirement for advanced types of drug delivery persists. Novel drug delivery systems include liposomal, monoclonal antibody-based, and polymer-based technologies host of newer technologies for example nanoparticles including various nanodimensional entities for example molecular imprinted polymers, metallofullerenes, prodrug delivery, implantable, lung, and transdermal and transmucosal delivery systems. These novel technologies derive from multidisciplinary approaches which include polymer science, pharmaceutics, bioconjugate chemistry, and molecular biology.


· These pharmaceutical technologies enables for minimizing the drug abuse that will considerably lessen the effective price of drug.

· Using the creation of pharmaceutical technologies, novel drug delivery systems have evolved. These novel systems makes it possible for branded drugs to become saved from generic competition.

· Novel drug delivery system may provide sustained or prolonged-discharge of drugs therefore lowering the frequency of administration of drug as well as in better patient compliance and reduced adverse effect.

· These technologies permit masking of uncomfortable taste and give an impression of couple of drugs and therefore which makes them palatable.

· Pharmaceutical technologies might help in stopping drug from biological degradation and therefore improve shelf existence from the drug

· Targeted drug delivery is delivering a medication to some specific site in your body where her maximum effect, and staying away from drug diffusion to numerous sites, where you can get damage or trigger dangerous negative effects.

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