Multi-Sectoral And Discipline Of Community Health

In the specialist diploma course offered by ACE, there is a module called multi-sectoral and disciple. Participants of this twelve-month course are interested to be a part of the community health service. They often wonder about the practical use of this module. As they are already learning about the skills in the other modules.

Why the module multi-sectoral and discipline required?

One of the crucial roles of these participants is to cooperate with community partners. And this module helps them to understand methods of cooperation. To encourage healthy ageing and attending to the seniors in the community health, discipline is a must. It involves the commitment of social and health care beyond multiple sectors. This module intends to provide participants with attitudes, knowledge, skills and competencies toward efficient case management. Specifically, participants will learn ways to coordinate care continuum and different sectors to assist clients and their family members. They will learn to operate this complex healthcare system.

The specialist diploma course contains six modules in total and only this one deals with healthcare service cooperation and management. It helps the participant to understand and thus coordinate better. And it allows the system to function smoothly for a long period.

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