Iqaluit Dental Clinic Shares Gum & Tooth Abscess Home Remedies: What Works & What Doesn’t


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, gum and tooth abscesses can be excessively painful. A visit to the dentist can easily fix the problem. However, if you can’t get an appointment or can’t visit the dentist for some reason, you can try out the following home remedies.

The Remedies

  1. Pain relievers – For dental abscess pain, ibuprofen is the best over-the-counter painkiller you can get. Some like to use ibuprofen with the 3-3-3 method. That means you take 3 ibuprofen, 3 times each day for 3 days. This is a higher dose than those recommended by dentists, and you should consult yours before using the same method. Apart from ibuprofen, Tylenol is another effective anti-inflammatory over-the-counter painkiller.

  1. Benzocaine – Benzocaine gel acts as a mild topical anaesthetic to relieve both gum and tooth pain. It works rapidly to numb the affected area and should be reapplied every two hours since it’s a temporary solution. If you have children who are less than 2 years old and experiencing dental pain, don’t use Benzocaine gel.

  1. Tea bags – Both chamomile and peppermint tea have antibacterial and calming effects. Wet tea bags of those teas are known to relieve tooth pain. Hold a wet tea bag to the affected gum area or tooth for a few minutes to alleviate the pain. Even better if you can chill the tea bag in the freezer for around 15 minutes. Then, you also get the benefits of a cold compress.

  1. Cold compress – As mentioned above, a child tea bag has the properties of a cold compress for alleviating tooth pain. However, nothing beats the real thing. Get a cold compress and hold it over your face with the affected tooth or area of gums underneath it. This may reduce swelling and inflammation to a great degree. Make sure to hold a dish towel or some other barrier between the skin and the cold press to prevent skin irritation and damage.

  1. Saltwater rinse – Rinsing with salt water several times a day can help relieve the pain of the gum abscess. Apart from having anti-inflammatory properties, salt water also stimulates wound healing and makes your body act faster.

  1. Remedies to avoid – While all the above-mentioned methods work in most cases, none of them makes the situation worse. On the other hand, that can make the situation worse and are circulated freely online and offline. Home remedies that involve the use of alcohol, garlic, hydrogen peroxide and aspirin won’t just be ineffective, but also dangerous.

Using such remedies may damage your oral mucosa, cause chemical burns and even expose you to oral cancer. Avoid them at all costs. It’s best that you do your own research before using any home remedies, even those mentioned above.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests that you use the home remedies mentioned above to treat your dental abscess. It’s also important to avoid remedies that involve alcohol, garlic, hydrogen peroxide and other such items mentioned above. Instead of providing relief, they may worsen the situation.

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