How to Use a Rowing Machine

5 simple ways on how to use a rowing machine

A very good instrument for exercise is the rowing machine. A rowing machine mimics the action of watercraft rowing in order to exercise or train as a rower. The only thing about a rowing machine is that it can look complicated to exercise in. Have you ever gone into the gym and felt intimidated by its complex look and how people always seem to be staring at you when you finally decide to give it a try. Well, you don’t have to feel insecure about the rowing machine anymore. With this simple guide, you will be able to get on any type of rowing machine and get that workout that you have always wanted. So here are some rowing of basics. 

  1. Finish Position: Make sure your feet are properly strapped. Legs are straight torso is leaned back slightly, elbows are pointed outward, handles come into where your chest is. Be careful because the seats move very easily. 
  2. Arms Away: Torso does not move and legs stay straight, the only thing that moves is the elbows. 
  3. Bodys Over: Reach in keep your arms and legs straight, the only thing that moves is the hips. 
  4. Catch Position: Reach in, shins are perpendicular to the ground body is hugging your knees. Make sure your knees are not flaring too much outward or inward. You want knees right below your arms.
  5. Drive: Reversing the position that you just came from using your legs first then your body and finish with your arms. 

Now that you have master the wonderful skill of rowing its good to know some benefits that rowing can do to your body. This full-body workout can give you flexibility, and endurance. This full-body workout can help you tone and lose weight because it’s using all of most of your muscles to build strength. Not every workout can give you this much of a workout. 

Upper body workout: Working out in a rowing machine can give you that upper body workout that you have been wanting. It works out the biceps, pecs, and abs which help you develop a stronger core. Having a stronger core helps you run faster, improves your balance, and enhances flexibility in your body. Having a strong can also help you do weight lifts and reduce any injuries that may happen due to lack of strength. When your abdominal strength becomes stronger your balance and flexibility also improve making it great to practices other types of fun exercises like pilates. 

Lower body workout: Most rowing enthusiasts consider rowing the perfect lower body workout. As its builds strength from all of the pushing and pulling your lower body has to due. The muscles that primarily get a workout is upper front thighs, the calves, and the glutes also know as buttocks. This is an amazing workout to build strong lean legs. It works out your glutes and to give you that perfect round shape. In addition, it also helps you build a strong lean core helps you get to attain a great posture for your body. 

Cardio workout: Rowing can give you a nice cardio workout. This rowing workout can give you literally a full-body workout in your upper and lower body. It works almost any muscle in your body. A rowing machine is also a great way to get a cardio workout if you suffer from any joint pain. Since you don’t have to put a lot of weight on your joins it can help you lose weight without the pain of your joints. When you combine this rowing workout with a balanced diet you will start to see great results in your body to accomplish your weight loss goals. 

Helps you lose weight: Rowing can help you lose weight. Since this a full-body workout and works out most of your muscles it’s going to help you lose weight in all of the right places. 

Easy to use: Last but not least rowing can be a pretty fun workout. If you are a beginner it can seem hard a first like any other thing that you try, but once you get a handle on it it will be a super fun and easy workout. Since it can be a challenge in the beginning due to your body building more resistance in its core you can just put in your favorite playlist or your tv show and sweat the calories away. 

Know that you know how to use a rowing machine and the amazing benefits this full-body workout can do to your body it’s time for you to get that body that you have always wanted. This workout will help you tone your leg, biceps arm, and core muscles. It lets you get more stability and endurance to your body. You will be able to lose weight while your joints don’t have to go through as much pain as many conventional body workouts all you have to do is get into rowing and start seeing results. 

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