How Propel Bio Partners and Dr. Leen Kawas Aim to Innovate Through Research.

Developing life-changing solutions in the life sciences space can be hard to fathom, yet most of the changes we’ve enjoyed in recent memory have been due to their work. From scientific research into vaccines to the development of probiotic baby formula, the potential for improvement in our lives is excellent.

Dr.Leen Kawas is the founder of Propel Bio Partners, and through her work there, she invests in companies that promise to push the limits while adhering to their goals of helping people to live longer and feel healthier while doing so.

Recently, Dr. Kawas said for an episode of Angel Invest Boston to discuss her goals with life science investing.

A History in the Sciences

Dr. Leen Kawas has been a prominent figure in the medical field for quite a while, first coming into the public spotlight thanks to her work as the Co-founder at Athira Pharma and the inventor of its leading drug trial candidate, ATH-1017. Her work would give Dr. Leen Kawas the freedom to pursue more significant opportunities.

Most recently, Dr. Kawas and Propel Bio Partners set their sights on PErsepheone Bioscience thanks to the team’s work on probiotics as well as the microbiome of a baby. Dr. Kawas says of this somewhat unusual partnership and focuses, “I think it’s common knowledge right now that the gut microbiome is involved in several of the pathologies that we are experiencing at different ages, including Alzheimer’s.”

Before her work in the field, Dr. Kawas had attended and graduated from the University of Jordan. In 2011, Dr. Kawas secured her Doctorate in Molecular Pharmacology while attending the University of Washington.

The Importance of Quality Probiotics

As Dr. Leen Kawas had correctly noted above, the microbiome of our gut can have a profound impact on our health and that of our future. Dr. Kawas says, “Starting very early on, from the infant stages, building the normal architecture of the microbiome is very critical for us.”

At the time of this writing, Propel Bio Partners had invested in Persephone Biosciences while the business prepared for its infant probiotic research. Presently, Persephone has adult consume probiotics in the pipeline.”

Working with Propel and collaborating with Persephone Biosciences has given Dr. Leen Kawas a chance to step back and evaluate the future of the industry. Kawas added, regarding her decision to invest in Persephone, “The thing that attracted us about Persephone is their scientific approach, thoughtful development plan, and an opportunity to invest in a therapeutic platform, but at the same time – a consumer platform.”

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