Health Carousel Announces Multi-Year, $200,000 Financial Support for Nursing Education

Health Carousel, LLC, the 17th biggest healthcare staffing firm in the US, has donated $200,000 over the next three years to assist nurse training and education initiatives in the US and worldwide. This multiyear commitment is part of Health Carousel’s Light the Way initiative, which emphasizes ethical hiring practices and nursing’s future.

Light the Way is Health Carousel’s Florence Nightingale-inspired program. She was called “The Lady with the Lamp” because she cared for sick troops at night with a modest oil lamp. Health Carousel’s Light the Way initiative began in 2004. They list initiatives and activities that encourage ethical hiring and global nursing programs. Light the Way will announce additional initiatives on International Nurses Day 2022.

Funding Nursing Initiatives at Home and Overseas

Light the Way money is being used to fund nursing scholarships in the U.S. for nurses looking to obtain graduate and Master’s degrees. Currently, discussions are underway regarding the administration of these scholarships. This week, Health Carousel picked Chamberlain University as their nursing education partner.

Light the Way supports global programs that keep nurses employed, as well. For example, the money in the Philippines will finance Ph.D. nursing educator scholarships. This will raise nurse enrollment and quality of teaching. Uganda’s nurse training lab is also getting funding from collaboration with the Uganda Nurse and Midwives Union.

Supporting Nursing Educators and Nursing Education

Health Carousel has made this financial commitment to boost the number of nurses who can attend school to deal with the global nursing shortage. In 2019, U.S. nursing schools turned away more than 80,000 competent candidates because there weren’t enough instructors. This happens elsewhere, too. Few students pass the Philippines’ nurse licensing test because most nursing faculty members lack advanced training.

“We’re making a large investment, but it’s necessary to improve the nursing profession,” said Health Carousel founder and board chair Bill DeVille. “Health Carousel recognizes those who invest in nursing’s future. Since 2004, we’ve helped scores of nurses get graduate degrees in nursing. Many award winners are nursing instructors and leaders in the U.S. and other countries.”

Chief Nursing Officer Earl Dalton believes these developments affect patient care. “Health Carousel’s investment fights against risky industry tendencies,” adds Dalton. “The number of highly qualified nurses in the US is falling significantly, making it tougher to satisfy the needs of our aging population. Experience and complexity are growing apart. There aren’t enough experienced nurses to instruct new ones. Investing in advanced degrees and nursing schools is an excellent solution.”

More About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is a whole personnel management organization offering travel nursing, locum tenens, and overseas healthcare to nursing professionals.

Staffing Industry Analysts rank Health Carousel 17th in US healthcare staffing. Health Carousel provides personnel and labor management solutions, so that every patient may access a skilled healthcare practitioner when needed. Health Carousel offers unmatched industry standards. This is reflected in their professional ethics and the Light the Way program, which delivers ethical and sustainable recruiting strategies.

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