Expanding Healthcare Horizons: AIC’s New Pharmacy and Its Impact on Infusion Care

On August 14th, a significant development in the healthcare industry unfolded as AIS Healthcare, a renowned leader in targeted drug delivery and infusion care in the United States, and the parent company of Advanced Infusion Care (AIC), announced the opening of a new pharmacy in Cockeysville, Maryland. This momentous event marks the third major expansion for AIC in five months, showcasing the company’s rapid growth and commitment to enhancing healthcare services. Earlier in August, AIC expanded its nursing and in-home care reach in the Northeast, and in April, the company reopened a newly designed pharmacy in Valdosta, Georgia.

AIC President Jud Hall, in a recent press release, conveyed immense excitement about the Maryland pharmacy’s inauguration. He stated that this expansion epitomizes AIC’s unwavering commitment to its patients and its vision of delivering top-notch healthcare services with a personal touch. The establishment of this new facility is aimed at simplifying the medication fulfillment process, augmenting convenience, and ultimately elevating the quality of life of their patients.

The new Maryland location is a significant addition to AIC, the sixth facility from which the company can provide essential medications and individualized care to patients with complicated medical conditions. This expansion is a physical enlargement of AIC’s facilities and a testament to the company’s dedication to broadening the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in various regions.

Following closely on the heels of this announcement was AIC’s expansion into the New England market, covering Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This move significantly strengthens AIC’s presence in the Northeastern United States. Hall emphasized that this expansion is pivotal, allowing AIC’s skilled infusion nurse specialists to assist an increasingly diverse patient population. He highlighted that the team is committed to addressing each patient’s unique clinical and personal needs, which is crucial for achieving better health outcomes.

The groundwork for this series of expansions was laid in April with the opening of the Valdosta pharmacy. Hall explained that this facility would enhance AIC’s regulatory compliance, operational quality, and flow, enabling the company to continue its growth and expand into new markets. Moreover, he indicated that the new facility would increase production and improve staff efficiency, contributing significantly to the company’s overall operational success.

AIC’s expansion is exceptionally beneficial for the company and the patients who depend on its infusion care services to manage immunodeficiencies and other complex health issues. Specializing in various primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders, AIC provides crucial immunoglobulin therapy to patients to help maintain their immune systems and fend off infections.

With the expansion into New England, AIC offers local access to infusion care tailored treatment options and continuous access to a team of clinical and support staff. This team includes clinical pharmacists, intake managers, and infusion nurse specialists who provide comprehensive in-home infusion care and training.

AIC’s medical professionals collaborate closely with patients to ensure the highest quality of care, a commitment evidenced by a 99% satisfaction rate in in-home care and 97% of patients adhering to their medication plans. AIS Healthcare, including AIC’s pharmacy and nursing services, has earned recognition from leading independent industry accreditors like URAC and ACHC, showcasing the company’s dedication to healthcare excellence.

The expansion means more patients can access various treatment options and a reliable, accredited healthcare partner. This is particularly significant considering that 80% of individuals with primary immunodeficiencies globally lack adequate healthcare access. AIC’s expansion, therefore, holds the potential to impact and even save lives significantly.

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