Essentials of Meditation – Guide to Starting Meditation

In the event that you are a tenderfoot in contemplation there are a couple of interesting points which will make reflection increasingly fruitful.

1. Try not to mull over a full stomach. Before pondering it is ideal to leave a hole of 2-3 hours before thinking. On the off chance that you attempt to contemplate in the wake of eating an overwhelming dinner, you will feel torpid on the grounds that your body is processing the feast. This makes contemplation progressively troublesome. Simultaneously, on the off chance that you ponder when you are exceptionally ravenous, you are very liable to wind up considering food in your reflection.

2. Try not to think while affected by liquor or medications. Reflection includes bringing into our framework harmony and a quiet psyche. Certain medications which make our nerves anxious will make our undertaking progressively troublesome.

3. Ruminate with a straight back. While ruminating it is critical to keep the spine straight. This is on the grounds that in reflection there is a progression of inconspicuous otherworldly energies from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. A straight back makes these energies stream all the more normally. It doesn’t make a difference whether you ruminate in a seat or on the floor. The most significant thing is to make the body agreeable so it doesn’t divert you during reflection. Anyway it isn’t encouraged to think while resting. This is on the grounds that you may effectively slip into the rest world which is in opposition to the beliefs of reflection.

4. Wear clean light garments. Before reflection it is useful to shower and wear, spotless and light garments. Washing and changing garments causes you to escape from the cognizance of work and go into an alternate attitude for reflection.

5. Put in a safe spot an edge of your space for contemplation. On the off chance that you can save a little corner of your space for contemplation it will help develop a thoughtful vibration. Following half a month you will begin to see a distinction. At the point when you are propelled you will have the option to reflect anyplace. Be that as it may, as an apprentice you will be delicate to the vibrations of a room or building. It can likewise assist with beautifying this altar or part of your live with objects that move you. You could pick blossoms and candles and an image of an otherworldly ace on the off chance that you have one. A few people may feel these items are a bit much but rather they can give motivation for contemplation. Sri Chinmoy says:

“The physical bloom on your place of worship will help you to remember the internal blossom.. The fire from a light won’t in itself give you desire, however when you see the external fire quickly you feel that the fire of goal in your internal being is additionally moving high, higher, most noteworthy.” These items will likewise be valuable for certain contemplation works out.

6. Consistency and promptness. To be best contemplation ought to be made a basic piece of your regular daily existence. On the off chance that you reflect at irregular stretches it will be hard to gain any ground. Consistency in reflection empowers you to develop an every day schedule which makes your contemplation all the more impressive. On the off chance that you think simultaneously every day, your inward being will precipitously be prepared to contemplate, reflection will get simpler.

7. Eyes Open. A few people want to ruminate with eyes close, yet in the event that you find that you are in at any rate floating off into the universe of rest ponder with eyes half open. This keeps you both in the physical world however not completely. This sort of contemplation is known as the “lions reflection”

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