Dr Richard Nahas Shares What to Consider When Buying Workout Clothes


According to Dr Richard Nahas, workout clothes should make you comfortable and offer a lot of freedom to manoeuvre your body in any way you want. That’s why you need to be careful while choosing workout clothes. Let’s figure out how you can choose the best workout clothes for the gym.

The Considerations

  1. Fit – A good set of workout clothes should always fit you comfortably when you’re working out. That’s why it’s best to avoid shopping online for them. The regular size that you use for other clothes may not be right for workout clothes. Due to their stretchability, workout clothes may fit you very differently compared to your normal clothes.

That’s why it’s important to go to a store and try out different workout clothes for the perfect fit. Take note of how it sits on your lateral muscles, ribs, things and shoulders. They should stretch and allow you free movement without sticking too tight to your body and applying extra pressure on your muscles.

  1. Moisture wicking – Your workout clothes should be made from materials that boast good moisture-wicking capabilities. Even if you tend to sweat less than the average gym bro, you’ll be sweating buckets during an intense workout. Your clothes should be able to extract that moisture from your body and wick it away to the air as quickly as possible. If you choose a pair of workout clothes with weak moisture management, it may cling to your skin, chafe against it and cause rashes.
  1. Fabric quality – Apart from moisture-wicking, your workout clothes should also have excellent durability and stretchability. It should be stretchable enough to allow for complex movements and manoeuvres, especially doing cardio sessions and callisthenics.

You also need the fabric to be very strong and handle a lot of stress regularly. It will absorb a lot of sweat and filth and need to be washed regularly. You don’t want it to wear off within weeks. It’s also important to choose workout clothes with fabric that isn’t see-through in sensitive areas, especially when you’re sweating.

For light workout sessions that don’t create a lot of sweat, you can prioritize fabrics with comfort. For instance, if you’re doing yoga, you don’t need extremely tough fabric. That means something that is made from a cotton and polymer blend would get the job done. You can also keep different sets of workout clothes for different routines.

  1. Lightweight – Portability is very important for workout clothes. Even if you don’t go to the gym and mostly work out at home, you’ll need to go out for runs and other such activities. You need your workout clothes to be lightweight and portable so that you can fold them into your small gym bag with ease after a shower and change of clothes.


Dr Richard Nahas suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to choose the right work clothes for you. They should wick away moisture, fit you comfortably and should be durable enough to handle a lot of stress and regular washes.

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