Dr. Juli Mazi Explains how Vitamin D Can Make an Impact on Your Daily Life

Dr. Juli Mazi ND has a doctorate degree in naturopathy and has been a practicing naturopathic doctor for nearly ten years. In her line of work, she has seen firsthand the huge impact a change in diet can have on people suffering from chronic conditions, including those who cannot be fully cured using only conventional medications. She offers insight into how vitamin D works, what it does for the human body, and how an individual can get enough of it to take advantage of its many benefits.

Every single person needs to ensure he or she is getting sufficient vitamin D on a daily basis. While some population groups, such as menopausal women and those getting on in years, are particularly susceptible to health conditions that vitamin D can prevent, this all-important vitamin has something to offer for everyone. What’s more, many people don’t get enough of it because few foods contain vitamin D, and it would take at least ten minutes of laying in the sun naked during peak sun hours to absorb optimal vitamin D levels from the sun. To this end, Dr. Mazi highly recommends a vitamin D supplement along with foods that do contain vitamin D, including fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, and eggs.

Vitamin D is a must-have nutrient for those who want to protect themselves from sickness as the body uses this nutrient to boost the immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D also helps the body absorb calcium and protects against osteoporosis. It reduces one’s risk of developing Diabetes type 2 and is heart healthy as it lowers high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, as she explains, studies indicate that vitamin D can improve mood and cognitive performance, thus preventing the development of mood disorders such as depression.

Diet can have a huge impact on a person’s long-term physical and mental health. Medical science is aware of this; however, many medical professionals focus far more on the symptoms than the root cause of one’s health problems. Dr. Mazi, on the other hand, spends long hours listening to patients and getting to know their diet and health history. She then offers personalized nutritional counseling to help an individual start a healthy diet that not only includes healthy foods but also the right herbs, spices, and supplements to ensure optimal results. Working with her does not preclude working with a traditional doctor; in fact, Dr. Mazi frequently works with traditional care providers to ensure a patient is receiving the best possible care and treatment. At the same time, those who want to ensure optimal long-term health would do well to be aware of what the right vitamins and minerals can do for the human body. Vitamin D may not get a lot of attention in many diet plans, but it can spell the difference between a healthy body and one that struggles with both physical and mental ailments.

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