Different Forms of Medical Marijuana

Western medicine is now changing its focus towards the use of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis uses include giving euphoric feeling, reducing stomach, increasing appetite, and lessening nausea.

The people battling cancer and living with HIV/AIDs use cannabis for the benefit of returning less nausea and appetite. Now that medicinal cannabis is gaining more popularity, there are various ways to ingest CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) laced cannabis. Some of these forms include:

  1. Capsules/Pills

Medical cannabis capsules/pills provide the benefits of flower and concentrate, though without an added health risks from inhaling the vapor. Basically, medical cannabis capsules feature two major compounds. These compounds include CBD and THC.

The major difference between the two is that tetrahydrocannabinol has psychoactive properties, such as alertness and creativity, while CBD has little to none.

  1. Juice or Tea

Cannabis may work well when it is in contact with your lungs, though it can as well work on the digestive system, including your stomach. Juices and teas normally allow people to use ingredients in cannabis without irritating their lungs with smoke.

Juices and teas also have a strong odor, which is easy to mask. In fact, Yahoo News shows that cannabis tea is quite popular in many countries, and some individuals may encounter it for the first time when they visit Plymouth Meeting, PA, or take a vacation.

  1. Extracts

Extracts are forms of cannabis, which are isolated by simply heating the oily components. They can be vaporized or inhaled and may come in different forms.

Some common types of extracts are resin, shatter, wax, and oil. These are normally available to use in a vaporizer cartridge.

  1. Lotions

Lotions are normally the less-known forms of medical cannabis, though they are a great gateway for first-time users. Every top medical dispensary in Plymouth Meeting, PA near you recommends cannabis users with chronic pain to use lotions to handle their conditions quickly and locally.

Medical cannabis lotions also come in different forms. This means they can be unscented or scented. However, you can try various forms until you get one that works great.

  1. Sprays and Tinctures

Tinctures are basically bottles of liquid, which you suck up using eye droppers and administer every dose sublingually. Although you will also administer sprays sublingually, you have to push the cap the same way you do with other spray bottles.

Both also take around 20 minutes to have an effect, but in other people, the experience can be different. Plus, even though tinctures or sprays taste great, sprays may come with a different and burning sensation.

  1. Weed Supplements

Some medical cannabis cardholders should avoid inhaling or smoking vaporized due to respiratory problems.

However, according to Ayr Wellness Facebook Page, dispensaries have an ultimate solution for medical cannabis cardholders and patients who wish to enjoy the advantages of THC or CBD microdoses each day. These solutions are available in easy-to-swallow vitamins.

The Bottom Line!

With the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes in several states has come the advent of other forms of products containing cannabis.

Some individuals prefer vaporizing cannabis using a vape pen, whereas others might still smoke weed out of bubbler and pipes or roll joints, cigars, and spliffs.

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