Cracked and Chipped Teeth in Kids: Dealing with the Problem Properly

Cracking or chipping a tooth is common in children. According to some studies, a lot of kids sustain a tooth injury before they become teenagers. But, teeth cracking and chipping is not an emergency, so it can be dealt with at home until a visit to the dentist becomes possible. If your little one chips or cracks a baby tooth, it will eventually fall out to make room for the permanent tooth underneath. You can also check out if you have to visit a family dentist for this concern. But, before the fallout, the experience can be hard for you and your child. Keep reading to learn more about how to help prevent your child from getting a chipped tooth:

Causes of Chipped Teeth and How to Prevent Them

Your child has an unlimited supply of energy and uses it for exploring their environment. Such activeness can pose some risks to their teeth. Chipped and cracked teeth in kids can happen due to facial trauma. As your child plays a contact sport, run on slippery surfaces, and roughhouse with friends, they can damage their teeth.

Most accidents cannot be prevented; however, there are things you can do to minimise the risk of a cracked or chipped tooth. Be there when your child learns to walk and eliminate any hard objects they could fall on. Think about setting safety rules such as holding the railing when using the stains and not running on wet surfaces. Ensure your child wears a sports guard when playing a contact sport.

What you Must Do when your Child Cracks or Chips a Tooth

If your child comes home with a chipped or cracked tooth, it can be problematic if you fail to care for it properly. But, keep in mind that the mouth heals quickly. Taking the right steps at the right time will help your child’s damaged tooth heal with little to no issues.

Make sure to contact your dentist immediately. They should evaluate an oral injury even if it is minor. If your child cracks one of their baby teeth, it may seem okay at first. But, if the crack is significant enough, the nerve may be exposed and require immediate attention. Also, you need to address pain and swelling, especially if your kid took a hit to the face. You can do this by placing a cold compress on their face to numb the pain and decrease swelling.

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