CBDA Acid-Based Cannabis Tincture – Know How to Use It Effectively

CBDA or cannabidiolic acid is the raw, un-activated state of CBD. It is derived from the cannabis plants and will not cause any psychoactive effect as CBD. According to research studies, CBDA has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help many health conditions from cancer to seizure.

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CBDA occurs naturally in trichomes, resin glands of cannabis plants. It is referred as the raw CBD that has high terpene as well as oxidant content and unique properties. The following is some information that helps you to understand what CBD is.

How to take CBDA tinctures?

Tinctures are the most effective way to take CBDA and CBD. You have to place few drops of oil under the tongue. It absorbs into blood stream by gums and tissues under tongue. This method is a little tricky to take and taste of it put to some. The rate of CBDA absorption is high compared to CBD.

It offers a lot of natural benefits including relief from pain, reducing skin problems, social anxiety, injuries, concussions and more. Tinctures formulated from whole-plant extract will produce even tincture, so first drop of tincture contains the same CBDA content as last one. There is no need to shake the bottle.

CBDA benefits

  • CBDA influences Cyclooxygenase (COX) enzyme, which regulates inflammation response and body pain. Whereas other pain relieving medications like ibuprofen and aspirin inhibits COX.
  • According to In-vito testing, CBDA has shown promising results in reducing vomiting and nausea.
  • CBDA is the most effective treatment for epilepsy as CBD. It can reduce the severity of seizure. It is considered as the emergency treatment method for people with severe epilepsy.
  • According to 2012 study, CBDA can effect RhoA activation – cancer cells mobility. Thus, CBDA can help with breast cancer as well.

CBDA has greater bioavailability, so it acts quickly compared to CBD. CBDA provides rapid effect, while CBD gives a sustainable effect. CBDA offers great benefits with lower dose that is 20mg/kg CBD is required to treat a person with epilepsy, whereas the same person can be treated with a low CBDA dose.

Gather information about the stores that supply reliable CBDA tinctures, choose the best one and order CBDA tinctures today to get relieve from your health conditions.

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