Basic Organ Donation Questions Answered!

Organ donation is a relevant cause that must be discussed and talked about. More than 120,000 patients in the US are waiting for transplants, and there aren’t enough donors. Unfortunately, there are too many myths around organ donation, and in this post, we are answering some of the basic questions.

  • How to become an organ donor?

The process is simple – Just sign up with your state registry. Some states need the donor to be at least 18 years of age, so do check the requirements. Once you are done, the words ‘organ donor’ will appear on your driver’s license. It is important that you discuss organ donation with people within the family, because after your death, they will have to take the decision and give consent. Letting them know just eases the process for doctors.

  • How else can people help?

There are many organizations that are managing organ & tissue donation networks, and they need help from people in all ways possible. They often work to encourage people, organize bereaving children support group, and give hope to families in need. You can choose to donate to these organizations, volunteer for them, give presentations on their behalf, or can even run a campaign to get financial support from the community. You can also choose to organize e-campaigns, to encourage others to become organ donors.

  • Can someone sell their organs? Is there an age limit?

No, selling and buying organs or tissues in the US is illegal. As for donating organs, there are no age limits. Anyone can choose to donate organs, even the elderly. One person can choose to donate and save many lives at one go, and there is no better deed than that.

  • Which organs and tissues can be donated?

Most patients in the US are in need of life-saving kidney and liver transplants. Other organs that can be donated include heart, intestine, skin, lungs, corneas, heart valves, and even limbs like hands, can be donated. Note that almost anyone can become a donor, but the health of the person at the time of death will be considered before deciding on organ donation. In some cases, people choose to become a living donor and donate an organ, specifically kidney and part of liver, to someone they love.

Make a difference to the world – choose to become an organ donor, and get people to sign up. It doesn’t take a lot.

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