A Beginner’s Basic Overview of Kratom!

The popularity of botanical & herbal supplements has increased manifold in the last two decades. More people are interested in finding natural remedies, instead of relying entirely on modern drugs and medicines. In that context, you may have heard some great things about Kratom. What is kratom? Why is it desirable? Where can you buy kratom products? In this post, we are discovering the basics.

What exactly is kratom?

Kratom is a plant, native to Southern Asia. It belongs to the same genre as the coffee plant, and is known to be a psychostimulant. For the uninitiated, psychostimulants are products/drugs that have the ability to increase energy. Examples would include nicotine and caffeine. In Southeast Asia, kratom has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. People often drink tea made of kratom to feel more energized and to improve mood.

What are the benefits of kratom?

It is important to know that more research and studies on kratom are desirable. However, available evidence suggests that kratom is great for diabetic patients and may help in maintaining insulin levels. Taken in smaller doses, kratom works as a mood enhancer and can make you feel energized, while in high doses, kratom can have psychoactive effects. This is also a reason why kratom is used a herbal recreational drug. It is also known to be a natural sexual stimulant.

Where to buy kratom?

In the West, companies like In Sense Botanicals sell kratom products online. There are varied strains of kratom to choose from. Primarily, this plant can be classified in three common strains – white, green and red vein kratom. Red vein kratom is known for its intoxicating effects, while white vein kratom is milder in comparison. You can find kratom in various forms, but powders and capsules are the best options.

Is kratom safe?

Any kind of herbal product that can alternate your mind and overall mood should be taken with care. Kratom is no different. It is absolutely important to be extremely serious about dosing kratom, because there are side effects of extreme high doses. Also, make sure that you are not using a substandard product, but real kratom powder. You will also find varied kinds of kratom teas to choose from. As long as you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations and buy from a reliable website, there isn’t much to worry about.

Do your homework on kratom types, effects and make a choice.

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