5 Technologies That Changed The Course Of Implantology

Dental implants are today’s most endorsed solution to the issues of missing teeth. Dental implants are unique developments in the dental technology as they involve advanced procedures during implantations. Researchers and scientists have ventured to make more advancements to the implant system to boost the technology that initiates dental implantation. Consequently, with the current dental implants and greatest s inventions, there are still dental implant procedures that may not be ideal for some patients.

Let’s take a look of the latest innovations in the field of implantology.

CT/CBCT Scanning

The high-tech diagnostic imaging such as CT/CBCT scanners assist  specialists who undertake the minor surgery to embed implants in the jawbone who always require to know the accurate locality of the anatomical structure that are underneath the gums. Dentists with the help of CT/CBCT scanners see the exact position of nerves affected with cavities as well as the quality and size of the bone itself. Computer tomography (CT) scanner takes a series of X-rays and combines them into a single 3-D image. Cone beam CT scanners (CBCTs) uses the advanced technologies to produce the 3-D image much faster.

Digital Imaging & Virtual Treatment Planning

The digital imaging software help to produce 3-D model of the patients mouth which can be manipulated through rotations, enlargement s and viewed from various angles. This specialized software and computers shows the teeth, jaws, as well as other structures and they can show how your smile while look like after the treatments. With this help, specialist can now plan the whole procedures of implantation.

Custom-made surgical guides

These are custom-made gadgets constricted to fit your anatomy particularly the alignment of the gums and the specific implants you will receive. With the help of a surgical guide, the dentist is pretty sure about the accurate position, angle and depth that an implant will be embedded. The proper positioning assures that your new implant teeth will perform optimum in a very long time.

Digital Impressions

In the case where a patient has only lost partial number of teeth, the dentist will ensure that the crowns of your implants will perfectly match the previous teeth. With the use of modern technology, a wand-like gadget is used to scan the exact appearance and the position of your teeth as well as the gums. Light rays are used in this case to scan the surface contours, thereafter the image processing software takes the recording and designs a 3-D virtual surface model of the gums and teeth which are used to make a physical model. With this, the dentist can comfortably design implant crowns that perfectly fit your smile.

Software optimization

Modern computers and software system makes it possible to combine variety of technologies to edge their benefits. This in turn is used to produce more accurate treatment plants and surgical guides. The information from this model can as well be used computer-monitored machines to construct implants crowns that are costumed made for you thus increasing accuracy and aesthetic at the same time minimizing time consumption in appointments and in dental implantation.

Dr St-Onge implantologue possess these edge-cutting implantology technologies to ensure your optimum treatment and health condition of your teeth.

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