5 Reasons Medical Cannabis Users Appreciate Vaping

When nicotine vaping first came to America more than a decade ago, the medical community just about lost its mind. They declared vaping just as dangerous as smoking. And in fact, they worked hard to convince states to regulate vaping nearly out of existence. Yet now that medical cannabis is allowed in thirty-six states and the District of Columbia, vaping is suddenly back in full force.

Vaping is so named because the practice involves producing and inhaling a vapor. In a pure vaping scenario – which is different from dry heating – a liquid is heated by an internal coil to the point of vaporization. That vapor is then inhaled.

Today, a number of states that do not allow smoking are okay with vaping. Utah is one such state. As such, you can go into any dispensary in Utah and purchase vape cartridges. In light of that, Brigham City’s Beehive Farmacy offers the five following reasons medical cannabis users appreciate vaping:

1. Safer Than Smoking

The medical community eventually backed off from tobacco vaping after studies proved it is safer than smoking. When you burn tobacco, you produce thousands of dangerous chemicals. Vaping produces barely any. It is the same whether you vape nicotine or THC liquid.

In terms of medical marijuana, vaping is still safer than smoking. That’s enough to convince some users to never light up again.

2. Near Instant Relief

People who prefer vaping often remark about how it offers near instant relief. That is important to many patients who use medical marijuana to deal with chronic pain. The faster the relief, the better. Unfortunately, other delivery methods – like edibles and topicals – do not kick in as fast. You can wait an hour or more with some delivery methods. With vaping, relief is felt right away.

3. Discrete Delivery

A third reason patients appreciate vaping is that it offers discrete delivery. A patient can pull out a vape pen, take a draw, and hold the vapor until it dissipates on its own. No one needs to know that they just used cannabis. By contrast, it is hard to be discreet when you are using a topical or a tincture. Discretion is equally difficult when you’re dry heating.

Edibles, capsules, and pills are more discreet than vaping, but they may not do if you need instant relief. Vaping offers the best of both.

4. Easier Regulation

Vaping offers patients an easy way to regulate their dosage and frequency. Simply put, they can take a draw on their vape pens as needed. If they need more medicine, they can take two or three draws. Otherwise, one draw will do.

Using edibles, capsules, and pills makes regulation a little bit tougher. It is not impossible, but you can’t change the dose as easily. You cannot fine-tune your gummy or capsule dose as easily as you can with a vape pen. And if you do want to reduce your dose with those other delivery methods, you are left trying to cut them down to size. With a vape pen, you regulate by controlling the length and frequency of your draws.

5. Better Portability

Finally, vaping offers better portability than some other delivery methods. You need only carry your vape pen. You don’t need raw flowers and your dry heating device. You are not worrying about spillage as you would if you were carrying a bottle of tincture. You don’t have to worry about curious eyes looking at bottles of pills in your purse.

Medical marijuana users appreciate their chosen delivery methods for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer to vape. Now you know why.

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