3 Important Considerations for Retiring Police Officers

Being an officer of the law sets you apart from other citizens. There was an image to present and you had to rise above the circumstances and uphold the law and represent your department. Your emotions were irrelevant to the task at hand. A lot of things you saw just weren’t right. Most of that drama is behind you now. You can leave those burdens and begin a new life. But the transition doesn’t always come easy. Police retirement can be complicated and should be approached with a comprehensive strategy.

Mental wellness: The entirety of your career is packed away somewhere in your mind. When the pressure of the job eases off, there is going to be a lot to process. Many former officers suffer from depression, addiction, and sleep deprivation. In addition to this transitioning from the force to the civilian realm brings a lot of challenges. Being proactive about your mental health and getting an early assessment of your wellness should be done early in the retirement process.

Financial health: Making the most of your retirement begins with a good financial plan. The sooner you make steps to capitalize on your opportunities the greater and longer the returns will be. Perhaps you hope to start a business or set up funds for your children or grandchildren’s education. Your financial planning should begin as soon as possible. It is never too late to get expert financial advice.

Using your experience: Years spent observing human behavior, developing leadership skills, and being exposed to a broad range of experiences, has given you something valuable. A unique set of tools that give you numerous options for an after-service occupation. Networking with police support organizations can provide you with links to careers you may not have considered.  Even if you plan to go into business for yourself. These organizations are a wealth of ideas and a link to a second successful career

You may feel the world doesn’t consider the sacrifices you made, or the stress you had to endure to make the world a better place. You know what you put into your job and no one can take that from you. But now you must consider the needs of your family, and yourself. You don’t have to do it alone. There are support organizations full of experience and expert advice ready to work on your behalf to make sure that your retirement strategy includes your mental, and financial health, and also that your business plan is in good shape and designed for long and happy retirement.


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