Unique Symptoms May Signal Heart Trouble In Women   

Unique Symptoms May Signal Heart Trouble In Women

.com/graphics/unique-symptoms-may-signal-heart-trouble-in-women.jpg" width="256" height="187" style="float: left">Researchers have identified several early warning signs that may presage heart attacks in women.

Severe, unexplained fatigue, trouble sleeping and shortness of breath were the main troubling symptoms that occurred in women in the month or so preceding a heart attack, reports a study.

Chest pain, long considered the classic heart attack symptom, was notably absent or was described not as pain but as aching, tightness or pressure.

Less than 30 percent of the women actually complained of chest discomfort. That's the symptom we associate with the typical patient, but it's the typical male patient.

We need to change the picture a little, and al so include women. Women have heart attacks, too, but the symptoms may, in fact, be much different and more.

The findings could have significant implications for the prevention of heart attacks in women, who tend to experience more sudden cardiac deaths than men. This study may help explain why that is.a good medical history could help pick these women out much earlier and really nip it in the bud.

Two potential limitations of the study are that there was no control group of women without heart disease and the group was also almost all white, limiting the relevance of the findings to women of other races.


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