The No 1 Overlooked Reason Why Most Women Feel Tired   

The No 1 Overlooked Reason Why Most Women Feel Tired

Picture this ... you wake up in the morning after enjoying 8 hours of 'good' sleep, yet you don't feel fresh or energized to face a new day. You try to catch up with more sleep during weekends thinking that perhaps it's lack of rest that makes you feel tired all the time.

But the condition never improves. In fact, it's getting worse. And this has been going on for months. You feel desperate and helpless.

Does this describe you? If so, chances are that you may be suffering from iron deficiency without you knowing it.

Yes, it's not easy for you to accept this fact. More so if you have just undergone a blood test showing you no such indication.

Now, let's get real. A normal blood test can only tell you whether you're anemic or not but not if you're iron-deficient. The fact is You can be iron deficient without being anemic.

No wonder the British Medical Journal 2003 reported that "Iron deficiency is an under recognized problem in women in their re-productive years".

So, watch out when you experience constant fatigue. Don't blame it on your hectic lifestyle.

It may not be the case.

Instead, you should go for a serum ferritin test. Only this test can tell you whether you're iron-deficient or not.

Now, it would be a mistake brushing iron deficiency aside as something unimportant. Recent clinical studies have revealed that there's a strong link between iron deficiency and PMS, depression, decreased fertility, pregnancy complications arid other diseases.

Which means it's vitally important that you have sufficient iron stores in your body. Ideally; you should get enough iron form meat and plant sources.

But meat may result in excess iron since it doesn't have a feedback mechanism to stop its absorption when your body has enough of it. Over time, the inner lining of your blood vessels will be damaged. As a result, it increases the risk of a possible heart attack.

On the other hand, plant iron is safe but you must eat lots of the right plants to get enough of it. It's easier said than done in reality.

So, the next best alternative is for you to combine iron supplements with dietary sources to get your required daily intake.

Unfortunately, the problem is most iron supplements can cause irritating and painful constipation problems.

But that's a thing of the past. Imagine you can now avoid this problem and get a safe dosage of iron daily, would that interest you?

In fact, you can discover these untold answers and many more in a FREE book not available in local book stores...
• discover a proven way to keep iron deficiency at bay
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