Cervical Cancer-A Very Preventable Disease   

Cervical Cancer-A Very Preventable Disease

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second-leading cancer killer of women. Yet most of these cases are preventable..

Cervical cancer is preventable. The key, as with most cancers, is early detection.

98 to 99 percent of all cervical cancers are caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV. The virus is sexually transmitted and comes in several dozen varieties. While most cases of HPV resolve on their own, a small minority progress to cervical cancer making it the biggest health threat to this part of the female anatomy..

One of the problems with genital HPV infections is that often they don1t come with visible signs and symptoms. A National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study found that almost half the women infected with HPV had no clear symptoms. What’s more people infected but who have no symptoms may not know they can transmit HPV to others.

For now, the best weapon against cervical cancer is screening in the form of a Pap smear. And it’s very effective.

The test is easily done in a gynecologist's office as part of a routine visit.

The problem is that not enough women are getting screened, and most cases of cervical cancers occur in unscreened women.

If we could get every women screened, we could eliminate this disease like polio. Women sometimes think after t heir last baby, they don't need to go to the gynecologist anymore. And they really couldn't be more wrong- and cervical cancer screening is one reason among many.

Women advises to start getting regular Pap smears within 3 years of becoming sexually active but no later than age 21.

The cervix is a great organ, you can Pap it, magnify it, biopsy it, cryo it, laser it,  look at it . It's not like the lung. There's no excuse for any woman today to get cervical cancer.

So get screened.


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