Optimum Health   

Optimum Health

Chances are you do not enjoy the wholeness and balance of optimum health. Like everybody else, you would occasionally suffer from some form of bodily discomfort. The annoying headache, bout of diarrhoea, constipation, backache, body ache, falling sick with colds and flu, bloating, flatulence, dizziness, PMS, poor concentration, insomnia, the list of everyday health complaints runs on. Who has not complained of feeling tired and sluggish? We have all come to accept these as part and parcel of living. This need not be so.

Optimum health is a positive wellbeing that brings zest and vitality and lets you greet each new day with enthusiasm. It is the enjoyment of good food, with proper digestion, utilisation and elimination. It is a state that remains even as you grow older. Optimum health is glowing skin, fine muscle tone, a sharp mind and resilience against stress, infection and fatigue. Optimum health is having abundant energy to live to your fullest potential.

While there is no shortcut to optimal health, experts agree that the key contributor is your diet. Are you feeding your body right?
Is your body getting the whole spectrum of nutrients it needs to perform the thousands of cell regenerating and body revitalising tasks?

Nutrition below provides all these nutrients like live enzymes, vitamins and phyto-nutrients stay intact and active for our daily needs :
Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals - essential basic nutrients needed for all metabolic and biochemical processes necessary to maintain healthy body functions.
Antioxidants - youth promoting nutrients that retard ageing and protect cells from free radicals damage.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - essential for healthy cellular function and synthesis of prostaglandins that act as regulators and messengers in the body.
4. Essential Amino Acids - building blocks needed by the body for growth, repair and maintenance.
Immune Boosters - boost resistance to infections and ageing by increasing the number and strength of white blood cells.
Digestive Enzymes - encourage the optimum release and absorption of nutrients from food and supplements.
Probiotics and Prebiotics - promote growth of friendly intestinal bacteria for optimal gastrointestinal health.
Fibre - provides roughage for the efficient elimination of wastes and protects against systemic toxins.
Cleansing/Detoxification Herbs - promote proper functioning of the major eliminatory organs - liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system.
Alkaline Promoters - maintain body's acid/alkaline balance. They optimise biochemical processes to prevent problems associated with acidity.
Phyto-oestrogens - alleviate hormone-related problems, such as PMS, menopausal symptoms and prostate enlargement.
Cardiovascular Protectors - promote healthy heart functions and blood circulation.
Brain Foods - enhance mental capabilities and nervous system.
Bone Builders - promote stronger bones, safeguard against bone deterioration and protect against osteoporosis.

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