Office Memo: De-stress   

Office Memo: De-stress


You need not go to an expensive spa to relax.

The office grind, the rat race, the proverbial climb up the ladder. The last thing you need is a slip off the ladder-a breakdown. Unfortunately, stress is just around the corner of your office corridors. Heck, it's not looming around... It's badgering you constantly.

In 2002, the U.S. Court of Appeal said that employers are not liable for causing stress, although they may be liable for ill health caused by stress.
So why let it get to you? Beat it while you're still ahead and on tip-top shape-yes, right there behind (or under) your desk.

In between heartburn episodes resulting from stress, you can squeeze in a 30-second yoga pose. Top Wellness and Health teaches you some simple yoga positions with humorous monikers, such as "Close the Deal Warrior Pose" and "Chair Boogie."

To do the "Monolith of Mastery" stance, stand with hands clasped over your head, and then stretch side to side while tensing your abdomen.

Office yoga is particularly effective when all that office stress is getting on your shoulders-the typical shoulder pain of the white-collared.

Some studies suggest aromatherapy-inhaling or applying fragrant oils from plants-may ease stress and combat its effects on both mind and body. Try getting an aromatherapy set. It may be a better idea to get one that does not require lighting a flame to heat the oils. A better idea may be to drop some aromatic oils into a pot (or cup, if that's what you have in your office) of steaming water. Feel the fragrances run up your nose and soothe your stresses away.

Caveat: Aromatherapy may not be a good idea if you do not have your own office. Some people may find the aroma quite offensive or distracting.
You need not go to an expensive spa to relax.

Or someone in your office might actually be harmed; aromatherapy is not recommended for pregnant women, for example.

The good thing about these modern times is that quickie massages have become readily available. You can get one during an errand break or a quick drop by the mall. More and more people have been getting into massage classes (of all sorts, mind you-pick one that you can have while dressed), and if you're lucky, some of your officemates may be in one of them. After getting on their good graces, perhaps they can give you a hand.

Try giving yourself a mini-massage, if you like. Rub your shoulders and neck. Knead your thighs. Get a stress ball to squeeze.

Another technique you can try is visualization. When the day's to-do list is driving you more nuts instead of keeping you more together, close your eyes, breathe (inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, slightly pursed), and go on a mental trip to a deserted beach.


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