Natural Energy   

Natural Energy

The body's most important system is the energy system. We need energy to do our daily activities and to keep our organs running smoothly. Energy is also needed for maintenance and repair of cells when they get injured or make new cells when cells die.

Energy is produced in every one of the trillions of cells in our bodies and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is essential for production of energy. When we are young, our cells are loaded with CoQ10 and our body produces an abundance of energy to run the body efficiently. But as we age, our body produces less and less CoQ10 which result in the decline in energy production. The lack of energy may affect aspects of life and health.


CoQ10 is also an important antioxidant which protects the cell membrane and cell DNA against damage by free radicals. If the membrane or DNA is damaged, you lose the cell. 

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