Laughing Your Way To Good Health   

Laughing Your Way To Good Health


“Laughter is the best medicine” - I love this quote very much. Laughter is free-of-charge. Besides, laughter is a painless method to ease your stress, mind and body (I hate suffering from pain).

Wondering why after a round of laughter, your mood improved? When you laugh (have to be a genuine laughter), your brain secretes endorphins. The chemicals (or rather neurotransmitters) with dolphin-like name are produced when you exercise, have orgasm, eat chocolates and hot peppers, or laugh! Endorphins function to alleviate pain, give euphoric sensation and promote positive feelings. 

Besides, when you laugh, your body will produce more immunity cells (e.g.: natural killer cells and T-cells) to help your body battle against infection and tumors. This will boost your immune system, thus protecting you from illnesses.

When you are stressed, you are not functioning well. Laughing will expand the inner cells or endothelium in arterial walls (stress will narrow it).

Thus, your body can pump in more oxygen into your brain and other organs.

 Additionally, laughing could be a way for you to stay away from cardiovascular diseases. By laughing or making people laugh 15 minutes a day, you are not only humoring people but also protecting their (and your) endothelium from damage, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases. 

 One study revealed that 10-15 minutes of continuous laughing will burn 50 calories. Wow, this is really fantastic, even though exercising is a better way to shed excess weight. 

So, what are you waiting for? Share some jokes with those around you now.

Forget about what those around you might think when you are laughing loudly (or giggling) while reading jokes on websites. Who knows, you might evoke laughter in them, which is a good exercise for your endothelium.

Laugh yourself away and spread the joy of laughter to others.

Did you know laughing is a matter of life and health?

It must be a joke to say that jokes are true medicines. However, the saying “laugher is the best medicine” was coined for a health reason.

Jokes, humor and comedy can act as medicines. Happy-go-lucky people (as with optimistic individuals) have longer and healthier lives.   


      • Lowers stress hormones

      • Strengthens our immune system

      • Stimulates better blood circulation

      • Boosts energy level and making you feels better immediately

      • Loosens your muscles and lower your blood pressure 

So, do not hold on to your laughter, but go ahead and laugh all out because you’ll be glad that you did.


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