Improve Your Appearance With A Brighter Smile!   

Improve Your Appearance With A Brighter Smile!

Get to know your teeth whiteners..

All dental whiteners clean teeth with peroxide. All the whitening agents are based on a peroxide solution. Whitener types differ by strength of the peroxide solution and by delivery method.

Whiteners do not wear down your enamel. Nor do they actually color or bleach your teeth.

Excessive treatment leads to an unnatural appearance. Don't go overboard with whitening. Your dentist can help determine what level and type of treatment is appropriate for you. Let your pearly whites be pearly white, not Clorox white.

Teeth become discolored not only from smoking but from what you eat and drink. Coffee and tea are among the most common causes of tooth discoloration. The rule of thumb is that anything that ruins your tablecloth can stain your teeth.

Whitening products are generally safe. The few known side effects include gum irritation, which is usually a result of an ill-fitting mold in the tray-and gel solution, and cold sensitivity, which primarily affects people with gum disease.Improve Your Appearance With A Brighter Smile! 


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