Hand Free Devices-What You Really Need   

Hand Free Devices-What You Really Need

For people concerned with RF exposure, WHO recommends using hands-free devices to keep cell phones away from the head and body.

"Contrary to some media reports, hands-free devices that move the handset away from the user's body and head do reduce exposure," says bioengineering expert. A recent study showed a 92 percent reduction in the rate at which absorbed by human tissue when hands-free kits are used.

However, experts do not recommend the purchase of RF absorbing devices currently available in the market.

According to WHO, scientific evidence does not indicate any need for RF absorbing covers or other "absorbing devices" on cell phones. "They cannot be justified on health grounds," the Geneva-based organization says. "The  effectiveness of many such devices in reducing RF limits exposure is unproven.Cell phone manufacturers have to labelling cell phones, indicating the amount of radiation they emit in response to concerns from consumers and organizations. Industries are developing a standard for measuring specific absorption rates (SAR), a measure of radiation from cell phones. Cell phones will not be labelled, but rather the packages that the phones come in. 


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