Good Things Happen As You Grow Older   

Good Things Happen As You Grow Older

It's true: You get better with age. The older you get, the better you get. This may be a cliché, but it's true.

According to the detrimental model of aging, as you get older, your health and your mental abilities necessarily decline. But we're now able to challenge that. Virtually everything we've previously thought about growing older has been wrong.

All the recent information on aging is good news.
A combination of diet, exercise and attitude determines how well a person functions in old age. Ninety-year-old muscles get better and bones don't break if you use them. Arteries enlarge if you take care of them. Even the brain stays sharp if it's used. Excluding people with Alzheimer's disease, research shows that aging does not necessarily result in memory loss.

Aging is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we have a negative attitude about aging and expect the worst, the worst will come to pass. But age itself isn't what locks us into a limited lifestyle; its how we age that's important.

The future holds many opportunities as you age. Here are some of the qualities you gain as you grow older:

Experience and perspective

Younger people have a narrow perspective on life and can be overwhelmed when crises arise, even viewing them as insurmountable hurdles. But older people who have experienced hard times realize difficulties usually are just temporary bumps in the road.

As you age, you have a greater capacity to see the whole picture rather than just part of it. The older person has been young before and knows what it's like, whereas the young person doesn't know what it's like to be older.

The older you get, the less self-conscious you become.
Pleasing yourself. You make choices to please yourself, not others.

Your ability to manage stress improves with age. You are better able to cope with the adversities of life and you become surer of yourself.

Attitudes about aging
There's a younger attitude among older people these days.
Today's 60-year-old is very different from a 60-year-old in the 1940s.

Time to enjoy life
Many younger people are in a big hurry because they feel the need to see so many things and to accomplish so much. An older person already has fulfilled many of these needs and can enjoy life at a relaxed pace.

Less anxiety about death
Young people are afraid of dying because it's not yet time.
But as you age and live a long, full life, you can reduce that anxiety. 

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