Do Cold Baths Cause Arthritis?   

Do Cold Baths Cause Arthritis?

Lately, I've been suffering from pains that seem to worsen at night. Someone told me that it may be because I always bathe at night with cold water. Is this just a myth? Or can bathing in cold water really lead to rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?

Bathing at night with cold water does not cause rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, exposure to cold can sometimes aggravate joint or muscle pain if you have problems in the joints or the surrounding tissue, eg. ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Cold stiffens muscles and changes the inner pressure of joints, resulting in pain.

Do your joints ache during cold weather?
Many people who suffer from joint pain say their symptoms worsen during cold weather. Why is this so? Dr Randall Braddom, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Riverview Medical Centre in New Jersey, US, says there may be several reasons for this.

One popular hypothesis is that in cold weather, the body attempts to conserve more warm blood around the heart. This leads to less blood being circulated to peripheral areas, causing stiffening of the joints.

Another idea is that when blood flow is lowered, the pressure in the joints is reduced. This causes tissue surrounding the joints to expand, resulting in pain.

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