Are your genes clean?   

Are your genes clean?

Find out if your own DNA is programmed for cancer.

If more than one of your relatives developed cancer before age 50, you, too, may have a defect hardwired into your genes. Although only 10 percent of cancers are hereditary, early onset hints at an inheritance.

It's enough reason for your family to undergo genetic testing.

If we find a genetic cause in the person who already has cancer, then we can test you for the specific gene change, providing a definitive answer as to if you're at risk.

Think an evil gene has gnawed its way into your family tree? Seek out a hospital-based certified genetic counselor prostate, and pancreatic colon, stomach, cancers can all be inherited. If you opt for testing, insurance may cover the tab.

Going through proper medical channels guarantees secure results. Find out if your insurance will cancel or increase the rates of the policy based on the results. Long-term care and life insurance, however, are not subject to the same protections.


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