Work Smart   

Work Smart

Putting in extra hours at work could increase your risk of a heart attack or heart disease. Researchers have found that those who put in three or more hours of overtime a day increase their risk of heart related problems by 60 per cent, although the length of exposure needed before health is affected is not known.

Other studies have also concluded working overtime could bring about anxiety and depression. Research at the University of Bergen, Norway sampled more than 10,350 Norwegian men and women. 9,000 participants were working 40 hours a week or less and the rest clocked in between 41 and 100 hours per week. In the first group, women averaged a seven per cent possibility of depression, while men averaged nine per cent. For those working overtime, the percentage went up to 11 per cent in women and 12.5 per cent in men.

They also found those with lower incomes and working in less skilled positions tended to be more anxious and depressed.


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