What Did Your Mom Nag You About When It Comes to Eating   

What Did Your Mom Nag You About When It Comes to Eating


Have your mom ever advise you on the do's and don'ts about eating?

And how many times you just tend to ignore whatever she is saying, thinking your mom is being too over-cautious all the time. But I am not going to talk the repercussions of not listening to your mom. Instead, let's have a look at some of the common advice our loving moms give us (mostly leaning towards the Asian side):

Mom: Don't talk with food in your mouth.

1. Your rebellious assumption: Mom, are you trying to keep my mouth shut, so that I won't have the chance to complain about your cooking?

2. Reality: It is all about chewing - You have to chew your food slowly and thoroughly so that it will get digested well.

Mom: Finish your rice, if not any single grain of rice left on the plate will end up as pimples on your future husband/wife.

1. Your rebellious assumption: Ah. It is like saying that I am not concern of the poorer people of Africa for not having much food to feed their hunger. Anyway, does this advise applies to single unmarried fellas only? What about you? If you missed that one rice grain, it might add more fine line (wrinkles) on your face. Ha-ha!!

2. Reality: Your mom just want to ensure you don't waste your food - as simple as that.

Mom: If you hate spring onions, you will not be a smart person in the future.

1. Your rebellious assumption: Mom, are you forcing me to love spring onions, even though you know I hate it? I am still smart enough not believe your Old Wife's tale.

2. Reality: In Chinese (Mandarin language), smart is Chong Ming. The first word Chong is pronounced almost similarly to spring onion in Chinese. But that does not mean you will end up being stupid by just hating spring onions. Your mom just want to make sure you eat your vegetables.

Mom: Do not poke your chopsticks into the bowl of rice. It is like you are praying over your very own dead body.

1. Your rebellious assumption: Mom, you are being overly superstitious. I am not going to die by sticking my chopsticks like this (you actually show her that very action). You see this!!!! Nothing happened!

2. Reality: When the Chinese pray to their dead ancestors, they use joss sticks and stick them vertically into a bowl of rice. So, if you stick your chopstick with the same fashion, your are regarding yourself as a dead person, or probably courting death itself. All in all, it is just a mark of respect not to do that.

Well, most, but not all such beliefs have some meaning and good intentions behind them. Give your mom, dad and grandmother a break.


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