Too Much Juice Can Be Bad For Kids   

Too Much Juice Can Be Bad For Kids


Kids love fruit juice. But that tasty package of vitamins and minerals has a price-juice is loaded with natural sugar, so drinking too much can cause obesity, stunted growth, digestive problems and tooth decay.

If children eat full meals on top of that [juice], they risk obesity. If they fill up only on fruit juice, failing to receive nutrients from a well-balanced diet, they may face malnutrition and/or short stature.

Too much juice also means too much sorbitol, one of three natural sugars in most fruit juices. Our intestines can't absorb it, so it ferments in the colon causing stomachaches, gas and, sometimes, diarrhea. White grape juice provides one alternative: It doesn't contain sorbitol.

Here are some more tips from experts:

1. Limit preschoolers to 4 to 6 ounces of juice a day-8 to 12 ounces for older children and teens. Make sure what they drink is 100-percent juice, not a fruit-flavored beverage.

2. Dilute juices with club soda or mineral water.

3. Milk and water are still excellent choices for kids. You can try spicing up water with lemon or other fruit.

4. Limit carbonated drinks. By the time kid’s turn 13, they are drinking four times as much carbonated drinks as fruit juice, according to the American Dietetic Association


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