The Great Barrier Reaps Wonders For Safe Sex   

The Great Barrier Reaps Wonders For Safe Sex

It is important to practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies and reduce the risk of contracting a sexuality transmissible infection such as genital herpes, hepatitis, gonorrhea or HIV.

A women taking a oral contraceptive pill will not be protected against sexually transmissible infection, only pregnancy,. The chance of becoming pregnant while using a condom is 2 percent 10 percent. depending on how carefully it is used and whether it is used in conjunction with a spermicide.

If you had unprotected sex or if the condom may have failed, see a doctor as soon as possible. Emergency contraception (the "morning-after pill") is available on prescription, but must be used within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Condoms provide a physical banner to sperm and sexually transmitted diseases, and their effectiveness is dependent upon their correct use. Condoms should always be stored away from heat and sunlight, and should be discarded if they are beyond their expired date.

Condoms may be damaged by heat. If they are handled roughly, or if the vagina is too dry. Spermicides provide only limited lubrication, so you may also need a lubricant. Vaginal antifungal creams can damage condoms and diaphragms. Unsuitable lubricants (such as baby oil or cooking oil) may also damage condoms. Vaseline or butter can destroy the condom barrier within 60 seconds.

Spermicides should be used in conjunction with condoms and diaphragms to increase their reliability. Ask your healthcare professional about spermicides and condoms.


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