Screening for Pain   

Screening for Pain


Time spent in front of screen and monitors linked to physical pain.

Following your favourite soap opera or reality series may now be a real pain in the neck-in more ways than one. In a comprehensive study of more than 30,000 Nordic teenagers which examined the association between 'screen time' and head-or back-ache, Torbjorn Torsheim, from the University of Bergen, Norway, comments that, "A rising prevalence of physical complaints such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and headache has been reported for adolescent populations. Parallel to this, adolescents are spending an increasing amount of time on screen-based activities, such as TV, computer games, or other types of computer based entertainment."

However, the findings also suggests that these complaints of physical pains are not related to the type of screen-based activity, but to the duration and ergonomic aspects of such activity. This may mean that while screen-viewing duration is a contributing factor, it is not a primary causal factor of aches in Nordic teenagers. 


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