Remember : Don't Drink During pregnancy   

Remember : Don't Drink During pregnancy


Some pregnant women are ignoring warnings about the danger that alcohol poses to their unborn children.

In a study by University of Michigan Health System researchers, 15 percent of pregnant women said they drank alcohol at least once during their pregnancy. The report appears in the January issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Most of the women in the anonymous survey of 1131 pregnant women said they'd had less than one drink a week while they were pregnant. However, some said they drank more than that on a regular basis, and some admitted they had at least one binge drinking episode, in which they had at least five drinks at one time.

The study also found that women who smoke while they're pregnant were more likely to drink alcohol. Women in the early stages of pregnancy were also more likely to drink alcohol.

Despite the dangers of drinking, only about half the women recalled being asked about their drinking by the doctor providing their obstetric care.

The study authors write that their findings suggest that doctors and other health-care providers need to talk with women about their drinking behavior during prenatal visits. Doctors also need to counsel some women more intensely about their drinking during pregnancy.


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