Preventing Binge Eating   

Preventing Binge Eating

There are certain times when you crave, well, just about everything! Whether or not you are on a diet, binge eating is never healthy. How do you overcome those cravings?

1. Have a hearty breakfast
Skipping this all-important meal may lead to over-eating during the day.

2. Don't deprive yourself
Forcing yourself to diet may trigger a binge when face-to-face with your favourite foods. Allow yourself the occasional treat, but remember to eat everything in moderation.

3. Stressed? Say 'NO' to food!
If you reach out for food when under stress, find other ways to reduce your stress levels, eg, take an evening stroll or try a new hobby.

4. Remove foods that inspire craving
If there is a chocolate bar in your fridge, you are going to end up eating it!

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