Plastic Surgery   

Plastic Surgery


If you hate your single upper eyelids that make you look sleepy or tired, double eyelid surgery can make your eyes bigger.
If you are not satisfied with the size or the shape of your nose, you can make your nose taller, sharper or smaller.
If you think your lips are not sexy enough, you can make your lips look plump and soft.
If you want to increase the size of your breast, you can just go for breast enlargement.
If you want to decrease the size of some part of your body, you can go for liposuction to remove all the excess fat.

Successful plastic surgery can increase your self-esteem and self confidence as it helps to cover or improve the imperfections. But, you might carry some risky side effects; you can look uglier if the plastic surgery failed, or worse, you might risk your life too.

Here are the possible complications of plastic surgery:
1. Infection
2. Bleeding
3. Scarring
4. Death of tissues
5. Paralysis or nerve damage
6. Anesthesia risks including allergic reaction, shock, coma and death


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