Melamine - A Friend of Plastics, A Foe of Foods   

Melamine - A Friend of Plastics, A Foe of Foods


Oh my, not you again! Why can't you stay out of trouble? First, you caused many poor kitties and doggies in the US to head straight to heaven last year, because you were present in their food. Then, you have extended your unwelcomed presence (or should I termed it as "trouble" instead) to people, especially kids. More than ten of thousands of kids in China were hospitalized because you. Hey, some even died because of kidney failures (or rather kidney stones)!!!!

Dear MELAMINE, why do you have to be so greedy? You have done enough damage by visiting pet food and milk products. And now, your appetite has encroached food ingredients of non-milk origins. For an instance, you had been caught to be residing in ammonium bicarbonate - a raising agent - used in making biscuits. A local biscuit manufacturer had to pull their products off the shelves because you have contaminated their China-made ammonium bicarbonate.

Geez, just who are you anyway, MELAMINE? (Your name sounds like a female name; Melanie). Just what is your relationship with food? You belong to the PLASTIC kingdom! You were born (in the 1830s in Germany) into the synthetic world of PLASTICS. So, stay there. Why bother creating havoc in the FOOD kingdom? Is plastic-making job a not well-to-paid job for you? Are kitchenwares, floor tiles and whiteboards not good enough for you? Well, I guess I can predict your answer anyway.

Didn't FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius (food standard commission), or any national authorities told you to stay away from getting into foods? It is good that you protect firemen from fire by materializing yourself as flame-resistant firemen uniforms. Nevertheless, you have indeed have been materializing yourself in human foods.

Or maybe I should not blame you at all. Instead, I should point fingers to irresponsible food manufacturers who love to add you into milk (and milk-related products) to so-called boost protein content. They love fast money. Yet, they failed to think about the public's health safety. Ah, we live in a world where money comes first, people come second. I am being so negative here, but I hope things will be better soon. One phrase to sum my complain: Melamine - A Friend of Plastics, A Foe to Foods 


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