Live Your Life Healthily!   

Live Your Life Healthily!


There's no disputing it: to be healthy, you need to be active. But with all the conveniences of our modern lifestyle, more and more of us are living an increasingly sedentary life and putting our health in jeopardy. In fact, physical inactivity is as dangerous as smoking!


• Plan ahead. Until physical activity becomes a natural and important part of your day, you have to plan to fit it in. Pick a time of day that suits your lifestyle and your schedule. Morning, afternoon, or evening-it really doesn't matter. Experiment and find a comfortable routine.

• Make haste slowly. In the early stages of a programme, concentrate on participating regularly and enjoying yourself. Don't rush or force things. Look for improvement over the long-term, not overnight.

• Look for a 'lift'. People who exercise regularly say their sessions leave them relaxed, refreshed – and more energetic. Research also shows that activity has a positive effect on mood. Short bouts of activity lead to significant, temporary decreases in tension, depression, and fatigue.Don't get down. It's natural to miss sessions from time to time. Work or family responsibilities may get in the way. And if you're tired, it's sometimes better to take a day off. When you do miss a session, start planning for your next outing. Don't feel as though you've failed this time.

• Finally, have fun. Pursue activities for reasons that are important to you -enjoyment, relaxation, friendship, whatever. Few people stick with an activity programme just because it's good for them.


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