How to Select Apples?   

How to Select Apples?


"Green, not too green - red but not so ruby red is smaller better or not? Argh, to choose or not to choose?"

Does choosing apples seem like a struggle getting out from a complicated maze? Have you been puzzled every time you linger around fruit stalls,
confused on how to pick the best apple? Having a headache just by looking at the different varieties of apples available, ranging in appearance, taste, flesh characteristics, seasonal availability as well as end use?

Don't be too stressed out about it. Here are some tips to guide you to fulfill your 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' daily policy.

First of all, have a thought at why are you using the apples. Do you need them for baking or eating fresh? If your intention is to use it for baking, the recommended ones are Rome Beauty, Northern Spy, Rhode Island Gravenstein, Winesap, Jonagold, Jonathan, Granny Smith or York Imperial. For those who want to eat it as a fresh fruit, go for Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Empire and McIntosh (Hey, not the personal
computer from Apple Inc!).

No matter which variety you choose, consider the characteristics below:

Characteristics explanations

1. Heavy is the way to go.
2. The riper an apple, the more juice it will contain.

1. Seeing some bruising 'decorating' the apples that you're eyeing? Do you also notice the dull appearance of those apples? If they are, then they are No-No's.
2. On the other hand, some apples that look wilted can be due ahead-of-time picking.

1. Ripe apple should be firm and give just a bit of softness when squeezed.
2. Stay away from over-ripened apples which are soft and spongy.
3. Try denting gently an apple, using your fingertips.
4. If it dents, you might as well put it back.

1. The color is less of important when choosing an apple. Colors do not indicate maturity status.
2. It does not matter how red or green is an apple. The colors are sun-and-weather-determined.
3. You may notice some green varieties may develop a tinge of red or orange color as they are fully matured. But some ripe ones have some yellowish hints.

Thus, apple colors varies, so don't let it determine which apple you pick, try using your nose instead.

Each apple variety has a distinct flavor and aroma, ranging from sweet to tart.
1. The opposite end of an apple stem is the best place to take a whiff.
2. Go for an apple with fruity fragrance!

Size is not a true indicator of quality in apples.

Be it Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Fuji, Royal Gala or Granny Smith, choosing a desirable apple is as easy as ABC now.

Weigh the apple and Look at the appearance; texture color and smell the apple!

In addition, most varieties of apple can only be kept for approximately two weeks, when stored in the refrigerator. Keep them separated from potatoes, garlic and onions as they are quite 'odor-sensitive'! Have an
'apple-ling' meal with your apples!


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