Health Tips to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases   

Health Tips to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, poor mental health, kidney and liver diseases are plaguing every second person. But you can prevent it and SHARAN – India, a non-profit organisation aimed at spreading holistic health awareness, jots down eight ways to combat lifestyle diseases head on.

Exercise builds muscle, helps circulation, and releases stress. Find an activity that gets you moving and which you enjoy, and practice it at least four times a week.

Drink water
Drinking water flushes the body off toxins and does wonders for the skin. It’s important to drink minimum 2 litres of water a day to keep the body hydrated.

Get Sunshine
The sun is an important source of vitamin D, an essential vitamin necessary for calcium absorption and boosting immunity. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day in direct sunlight, 3 to 5 times a week.

The body needs 6-8 hours of rest at the right time, to allow itself to heal and build immunity. Make sure you get your beauty sleep.

Get fresh air A breath of fresh air provides the body with a much-needed boost of oxygen. As often as possible, spend time outdoors in large open green spaces. Have a positive attitude Positive thoughts reduce stress and keep us happy. When upset, instead of overacting, take a deep breathe and stop and think of the silver lining that every situation offers you.

Eat the right foods
Plant foods provide all the nutrients needed for optimal health as well as powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients which protect the body from illness and disease. Whole plant foods contain lots of fibre, no cholesterol and are low in fat. These are the perfect foods for preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and obesity. Freedom from addictions A plant-based diet which includes a lot of raw foods is great for letting go of addictions.

Alcohol, cigarettes, and even tea, coffee and colas are acid-yielding and therefore deplete the body of important nutrients like iron and calcium, weaken immunity and cause mood swings and fatigue.

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