Having a Baby During Recession   

Having a Baby During Recession


Your baby is precious, but he/she can be very expensive at the same time!

Yes, it is of no doubt that the greatest gift a married couple can receive is their bundle of joy (baby). And yes, you should welcome your baby as a meaningful gift that cannot be measured by money.

Let’s face it, this time around of 2011-12 economic downturn, parents-to-be are facing budget challenges to decide on whether now is the right time to have a baby. For those who already have one/few, it is high time to cut down on expenses or planning the budget wisely. Indeed, life can be very challenging financially but it does not mean that you should stop the arrival of your happiness.

Here are some tips on what you can spend your money wisely and survive during recession when you have a baby this time around.


Try making baby food. Yes, it is convenient to feed your baby with baby food that are sold in the market - they are added with the important nutrients a baby needs. But for added and cheaper value, why don't you also include pumpkin, sweet potato, yam and avocado into the food. They are not only nutritious but also cheap at the same time.


Pregnancy involves a huge change to not only your emotions but also physical outlook. A pregnant lady needs to buy clothes that sizes are suitable for their body. Want to save money on clothing? Buy now and you can reuse your clothes if you have more than a baby. If not, you can always borrow from your friends or family who are still keeping their "pregnancy" clothes.


Use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. You can save a lot by using this environment friendly cloth diapers. At the same time, your baby will feel more comfortable too. The only disadvantage of using cloth diapers is you need to be more hard-working in doing laundry!


It is a well known fact that breastfeeding is beneficial for your baby. It is always the healthiest choice compared with infant milk formula. Breast milk is nature’s perfect baby food that is rich in nutrients. Did you know also that by breastfeeding, you are actually helping to create a special bond between you and your baby? Hey, breastfeeding can burn calories too, so you can lose pounds faster than if you use bottle feeding! For the first six months, breastfeed your baby if you can instead spending money on baby formulas.


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